What You Can Expect from Us

Sleeping Baby

Prenatal Visits

  • Prenatal visits last about 30-45 minutes. During these visits your midwives will discuss care choices,  monitor your pregnancy by doing routine lab tests, check your blood pressure, and track the baby’s growth, position, and heart rate.
  •  We offer information on a broad range of topics to help you make decisions about your care, and help you prepare for birth and parenthood.
  • Prenatal visits occur once a month for the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, then every two weeks until 36 weeks, and once a week until the birth of your baby.
  • We do a prenatal home visit around 36-37 weeks.
  • Family members or other support people are always welcome to attend visits. Siblings are welcome.

Labour and Birth

  • Midwives provide primary care during labour and birth. Once you are in active labour, your primary midwife will meet you at home, the clinic, or  at the hospital.
  • During  labour we monitor your progress, assess the well-being of you and your baby, and provide you with emotional support and comfort measures.
  • The second midwife from your team will arrive when it is time for the birth of your baby. This midwife is usually one of your midwifery team members, but on occasion, may be another midwife from the practice or a registered nurse.
  • Your primary midwife provides care for the delivery and immediate postpartum care of the mother. Your back-up midwife will assist by providing immediate newborn care.

After You Give Birth to Your Baby

  • After the birth your midwife will stay with you and your baby for a few hours to make sure you are both doing well.
  • Breastfeeding within the first hour of birth is encouraged. Your midwife will give you advice and support to get you off to a good start. One of the midwives is also a International Board Cerrtified Lactation Consultant and can give extra assistance postpartum if needed.
  • A complete newborn exam is done by the second midwife, including the baby's weight, measurements.  A vitamin K injection and erythromycin eye ointment will be given with parental consent based on information given at a prenatal visit.
  • We come to your for the first several postpartum visits, usually within the first 24 hours, and  during the first ten days whether you are at home or hospital.
  • Once the baby is two weeks old, you will come to the clinic for visits every two weeks until the final visiit at six weeks. More or less visits are scheduled as needed.
  • During postpartum visits midwives offer emotional support, assistance with breastfeeding, education regarding newborn care, and monitor the well-being of both you and your baby. If a referral is necessary for you or your baby, we will help to organize extra support.
  • After the final visit, we write a summary lettere to send to your family physician for on-going care.


Teaching Practice

We are a teaching practice. We provide placements for midwifery students. Students come to us from the four-year Bachelors of Health Science in Midwifery program from Ryerson, McMaster, and Laurentian Univeresities. We also provide internships for foreign-trained midwives who are completing their intetgration into Canadian midwifery.

Midwifery students provide extra support at labour and births and are enthusiastic to share current research-based evidence. They are very grateful to have the opportunity to be involved in the care of birthing families. Client feed-back plays an important role in helping to shape future midwives by rounding out their academic knowledge through hands-on care. It is a community effort to help grow midwives who are confident, competent, and compassionate.