Job Description – Office Administrator

The actual job posting can be seen on-line at "Indeed".  The following is the job description.

Responsibilities are administrative, communicative, clerical, financial and managerial. The Office Administrator is responsible for all duties listed in the Administrative Assistant job description when she is unavailable to perform them. The Office Administrator reports to practice partners.

The Office Administrator’s primary duties are:


  • Prepare midwifery statistical reports

  • Maintain office and midwifery supplies inventory; Order supplies as needed

  • Coordinate midwifery holiday requests and holiday calendar as well as co-ordinating TAS paging services

  • Ensure office privacy and safety requirements are being met

  • Assign clients to Midwives, assigning back ups

  • Maintain clinic data base

  • Scantrax (send files away every 2 years)

  • Input into BORN client Antenatals at 30 weeks gestation and submit copy to PRHC for client file. Send a copy of the Antenatal 1 to the Blood Bank @ PRHC.

  • Completion of monthly BORN reports

  • Culling clients file when discharged

  • Completion of all paper work required by clinic demands

  • Front desk coverage when needed.

  • Deposits

  • Monitor practice email and circulate to appropriate midwife/wives

  • Backup clinic hard drive once a week on the external drive and bring home for safe keeping


  • Liaise with :

    • Other midwifery practices regarding Interpractice Care Agreements etc.

    • AOM Benefits Program

    • Landlord

    • Peterborough Community Credit Union (clinic’s bank)

    • PRHC


    • Pure Midwifery, Gamma Dynacare, Shoppers Drugmart, etc.

    • Ryerson

    • Admin Assistant

    • Midwives

    • Contractors etc.

    • Communication with clients: appointment booking/rebooking, ultrasound bookings etc.

    • Client concerns


  • Proficiency with fax, photocopier, computer (desk and lap top), various software programs – especially Microsoft Office suite, Access, Quickbooks, telephone system.

  • Ensure general maintenance and repair of clinic technologies; liaise with technicians as needed

  • Implementation of new scheduler, website updates, facebook etc.


  • Prepare monthly invoice and submit to the TPA

  • Submit monthly invoice and cover sheet to AOM Benefits

  • Prepare Quarterly Activity Summary and submit to the TPA

  • Prepare monthly financial statements: (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow reports, Running Budget Forecast)

  • Prepare Inter Practice Care Agreements

  • Monthly bookkeeping (Pay bills, deposit revenue, payroll, reconcile bank accounts)

  • Annually prepare T4 and T4 summary

  • Annually prepare Associate Midwives T4A forms and summary

  • Prepare the yearly budget for the Ministry

  • Consult with midwives regarding annual budget request, prepare and submit to TPA

  • Liaise with accountant

  • Arrange for clinic and liability insurance


  • Coordinate practice midwives

  • Supervision of Administrative Assistant and delegation of tasks as they arise.

  • Chair practice meetings as well as other midwifery related meetings

  • Organize yearly picnic

  • Have a working knowledge of:

    • Midwifery in Ontario

    • The financial relationship between the practice, the TPA and the MOHLTC

    • The College of Midwives

    • The Association of Ontario Midwives

    • The TPA-Practice Group contract

    • The Partnership contract

    • HIROC clinic and professional liability insurance

  • Any larger on-going projects(logistical, communicative, coordinating, etc.)as they arise

  • Arrange contracts for new midwives, maintain the Partnership contract and the TPA Practice group contract. Update the contracts binder as necessary.

  • Co-ordinate outreach

  • Co-ordinate any renovations etc.

  • Co-ordinate midwifery students

  • Manage, maintain, co-ordinate privileges at PRHC

  • Co-ordinate for Locums, New Registrants, or new Midwives starting at the practice, ensuring all paperwork and registrations are being completed

  • Co-ordinate and supervise repairs to clinic, clinic software, phones, etc as well as yard maintenance, other issues as they arise.

  • Office re-organization when needed


  • Any other duties that arise as requested by the practice

  • Larger on-going projects (logistical, communicative, coordinating, etc) as they arise


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