How to contact your midwife using the pager

How to contact your midwife for urgent concerns....

TO CONTACT YOUR MIDWIFE FOR URGENT CONCERNS or IN LABOUR:  be prepared to give the following information to the answering service:

  • YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME (if someone is calling on your behalf make sure they state YOUR name)
  • The PHONE NUMBER where you/they are calling from
  • A brief description of your concern
  • Please stay by your phone until the midwife returns your call and do not make other phone calls while you are waiting (no answer, a busy signal or voicemail will delay her ability to respond to your concern).
  • State who your primary team and your second team is.  
  • If you do not receive a return call within 10 minutes call the answering service again at (705) 926-0155 to let them know
  • If you are very early in your pregnancy and your second team of midwives have not been assigned yet and your primary midwives are off call, the service can page any midwife on call

Your ‘primary’ is the midwife who is in charge of your care. Her partner is your primary midwife when she is off call or on vacation.
Your ‘second’ team is assigned. One of these midwives will usually attend to you a little later on in your labour. You will meet the back up team after your first few appointments and from then on see them in alternating visits with your primary team.
Should the members of your primary and second team be unavailable (due to another birth, off-call time, etc) another midwife of the practice will attend your birth.


To quickly get in touch with your midwife should you have an urgent clinical concern please call (705) 926-0155 to reach our answering service.

For all non-urgent concerns, please contact the main number (705) 745-7640 to speak to our administrator or leave a message on our voice mail.  Someone will get back to you within a few business days.

To check if clinic is on as scheduled we ask that you call the main number (705) 745-7640 before leaving for your appointment or if coming from a distance to verify that the midwife's clinic has not been cancelled due to a birth.  The message will say if any clinic appointments are cancelled.

Our administrator will make every effort to contact you in the event of a cancellation but she may not be able to reach you, particularly before the first morning appointments.  We recognize that cancelling clinic is an inconvenience but this is part of having care providers who are on call at all times.